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Music Ministries


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Includes Gallery Choir (GC), Bass Clef Choir (BCC) and Treble Clef Choir (TCC)

ncludes Treble Clef Choir Schedule ONLY

The professional and amateur musicians in the music ministries foster congregational singing and reflective listening, promote the musical arts as an integral path to spiritual development, and create an environment that draws people into a deeper experience of faith.

The Bass Clef Choir

This ensemble of male voices provides music leadership at the 5:00 p.m. Sunday Mass every other week and on special feast days.


The Christmas and Easter Kids' Chorale

The Kids' Chorale (for children ages 6 and up) leads the congregational singing at one of the Easter and Christmas celebrations. Older youth are encouraged to participate to provide leadership for the younger singers. Older youth also provide cantoring for the Mass.

The Gallery Choir

The Gallery Choir, a mixed-voice ensemble, is the musical mainstay of the 10:00 a.m. Mass on Sundays and major feasts. The Gallery Choir explores different styles of music, from Medieval and Renaissance motets; through beautifully crafted Baroque, Classical, and Romantic works; to dazzling twentieth-century pieces that include Gospel, world, and contemporary sounds.


Volunteer and professional instrumentalists enhance our worship at the Easter and Christmas celebrations and on other feasts with a variety of timbres — strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion instruments.

The Treble Clef Choir

This distinctive choir of Soprano and Alto singers provides musical leadership at the 5:00 p.m. Sunday Mass every other week. Choir membership includes adults and youth (age 12 and up) who sing in the treble range. Click here to hear the choir sing "What Child" by Paul Lohman.

Click here to hear the choir sing "What Wondrous Love" arranged by Robert Rossi.

The "All Are Welcome" Choir

An impromptu, "All Are Welcome" Choir is convoked periodically throughout the year for a particular liturgy; preparation consists of a single rehearsal. The only requirement for admittance is an eagerness to provide musical accompaniment for the liturgy. This choir provides an ideal opportunity for friends and parishioners who are considering joining one of the permanent ensembles to learn about choral expectations and to experience a rehearsal.