Community Life: Pastoral Care

Anointing of the Sick


This sacrament can be received throughout life whenever people need the Lord's strength and healing because of illness or advancing age: e.g., when experiencing a chronic illness (such as heart disease, cancer, respiratory ailments, or diabetes) or facing surgery, when suffering from addiction, when struggling with mental illness, or when experiencing the limitations and anxiety that accompany aging. For individual reception of the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, please call the parish office at 860.756.4034.


We have a Communal Anointing Mass Weekend two weekends during the year.  One occurs in the Spring and the other, in the Fall.  We invite and encourage anyone who is seriously ill, with prolonged or chronic illness or disease (heart, cancer, respiratory ailments, diabetes, etc.); those with the disease of alcoholism or other addictions; those who suffer from mental illness and disorders; anyone facing exploratory surgery with its uncertainty and anxiety and those experiencing aging with its limitations, its fears and isolation together with caregivers and family to join us at any of those weekend Masses.