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Ministry Fair


OCTOBER 11-12, 2014

This is the weekend of our Ministry Fair! Wander over to the Franciscan Center after Mass to consider the many opportunities available for ways of sharing your gifts. It is also an opportunity to connect with other folks, and naturally there will be something to eat! I am grateful for all of the many ministries that have developed over the years here at St. Patrick-St. Anthony. Your creativity and commitment enable the reciprocal experiences of God’s grace to be made manifest... you are God-bearer and recipient of God’s presence. I am also very aware of the often unseen or under-appreciated ministries that abound. Parenting; caring for the sick or aged; care for friends or family members struggling with physical, emotional or mental illness; presence; growing in relationship as partner or spouse; and simply paying attention to life’s myriad situations are all forms of ministry. I thank you for the many ways you share your gifts and hope that you are able to realize the reciprocal grace of God present in the sharing. Please join us for a few minutes after Mass to be amazed by the variety of ways that life is being shared here at St. Patrick-St. Anthony and the Franciscan Center.

Fr. Tom, ofm