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Sandwich Ministry


Feeding the Hungry — Sandwich Ministry helps alleviate hunger for the homeless, unemployed, and the working poor in Hartford. Members of the "Sandwich Ministry" — as it is known to parishioners — make and distribute sandwiches to an average of fifty people of all races and faiths every day of the year. Sandwich makers prepare sandwiches for distribution; sandwich distributors give the sandwiches to those who come to the door of the Franciscan Center for Urban Ministry every evening.


Sandwich Ministry Instructions

Sandwich Making March 2017

Sandwich Making April 2017

Sandwich Making May 2017

Sandwich Making June 2017

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Personal Care Items Needed

Consider assisting our brothers and sisters who are in need. We are collecting travel size items such as razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, soap and shaving cream. We will assemble these items for those who come to our door seeking assistance. Please help our neighbors by placing items in the bin at the back of the church marked “travel kits”. Thank you!