Community Outreach: Our Partners

St. Genevieve – Haiti


St. Patrick-St. Anthony Church has been in a covenant relationship with St. Genevieve Church (Fouji, Zoranje, Haiti) since 2005 to build a bridge between our churches and to provide financial support for St. Genevieve's parish and school. The Sister Parish Committee coordinates activities for our parish. Each year, a team of our parishioners visits St. Genevieve to get to know the members of our sister parish. Regular events help make parishioners of St. Patrick-St. Anthony aware of the rich cultural and spiritual traditions of the people of Haiti. This relationship deepens our understanding of what it means to live in a global Church and to foster justice, human dignity, and respect for people from different cultures.

The Most Recent Sister Parish Update can be found in this week's bulletin. Please click here to find previous updates.

Haiti Immersion Trips:

There is an Immersion Trip to Haiti planned for January 23-30, 2018. We will be in Fouji (Zoranje) for the celebration of the Feast of St. Genevieve on the weekend. Travelers will have the opportunity to visit students in their classrooms. For more information, please call the parish office at 860-756-4034 and leave your contact information—someone will return your call.


Haitian Dessert Recipes from the Taste of Haiti:

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